Dr. Asha Dickerson

Asha Dickerson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, educator, consultant, and speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Dickerson is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, and alumna of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She received her Ph.D. from Auburn University.

Asha has worked with individuals and families of all age ranges and her clinical and academic specialties include multicultural issues, addicted families, and blended family issues. Her previous positions include serving as the family and community service coordinator for an agency designed to serve the special needs of individuals who suffer co-occurring disorders and providing therapeutic services for families in crisis and foster/adoptive families. While in these positions, she created and expanded multiple programs.

Dr. Dickerson is very active in several community, state, and national organizations. Her goals are to educate, encourage, and improve the lives of her clients, students, and the community through her research efforts and commitment to advocacy, mental health, and education.