Dr. Harrison Davis

Licensed as a Professional Counselor, Dr. Harrison Davis has accrued 20 years of clinical experience, giving him a unique perspective of what is possible in terms of personal growth and change. His aim is to guide adults who are ready to overcome tough challenges, including excessive worrying, resentment, depression, poor decision-making, self-defeating behaviors, and relationship shortcomings.

Known for his open, direct, and empathetic approach to counseling, Dr. Davis works with clients from a wide range of backgrounds; helping everyone to feel empowered. He is passionate about helping others while encouraging everyone to take an active role in the creation of their new lives. Highly skilled at working with individuals, couples, and families, he approaches treatment as a collaborative effort between himself and his clients.

Dr. Davis earned his Ph.D. in Counseling at the University of Arkansas. In his practice, he uses a multifaceted approach to engage his clients throughout the healing process. The principles central to his counseling are person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and reality therapies. An Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Georgia, he has extensive experience training and educating people about overcoming personal obstacles, an ability that carries over into his podcast, “Two Therapists and a Microphone.”